Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Knee replacement surgery in Gurgaon by Dr Jayant Arora

Mr AD, a 67 -year-old gentleman seen two months after his bilateral knee replacement surgery done by Dr Jayant Arora , at Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon. Patient has recovered well and has regained  complete movement. This was possible due to advanced surgical techniques and high flex knee implants.

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  1. We strive to provide Knee replacement surgery using most advanced techniques, at most affordable cost to patients in Delhi and Gurgaon. The surgery will be done by Dr Jayant Arora at Columbia Asia Hospital, which has state of the art infrastructure for Orthopedics and Joint replacements.

    One sided knee replacement surgery will involve a hospital stay of 5 days and an expected expnditure of 2.3 to 2.5 lacs for standard knee implants from reputed manufactures like Smith and Nephew, Stryker, Zimmer etc These implants are FDA approved with long term records in Europe and US.

    The package includes all charges in the hospital including inpatient physiotherapy, investigations in the Hospital, medications, surgery and hospital charges. These packages are not applicable for patient with additional medical problems like Heart disease, Diabetes etc.

    Bilateral knee surgery(Both Knee replacements done in same sitting) would involve a hospital stay for 7 days and an expenditure of 4.5 to 5 lacs depending on the room category.

    Younger Patient who opt for better implants like ceramic (Oxynium) knee replacement which would last longer than a standard implants, High flexion Knee replacements which allow better knee bending, Patient Specific Instrumentation, which are made specifically for the patients knee structure or patients with large bone defects needing specialised implants are not included in the above package. The charges for the above will vary from case to case basis and will only be decided after clinical examination and reviewing Xrays of the patient. The increased cost for above special situations will be from 20000- 40000 for each knee.

    We will arrange cash less procedures for patients with Medical Insurance from almost all companies. Columbia Asia Hospital, where Dr Jayant Arora performs most of his procedures, also have a tie up with leading Corporates like TCS, HCL, Bank of America, Accenture, Interglobe, Lanco, Genpact, Aricent, Maruti, Hero, EIL, Airtel, Viom Networks, Gail, Indian Oil and many more .... for cashless admission for any Orthopedic surgery including Knee replacement surgery.

    Feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment with Dr Jayant Arora and request an estimated cost for your surgery.

  2. When should you consider getting a Knee Replacement Surgery?

    If your knee is severely damaged and deformed by arthritis or injury, it may be hard for you to perform simple activities such as walking or climbing stairs. You may even begin to feel pain while you are sitting or lying down. If medications, changing your activity level, and using walking supports are no longer helpful, you may want to consider total knee replacement surgery.
    A knee replacement surgery should be considered if you have :
    Severe knee pain that limits your everyday activities, including walking, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs.
    Moderate or severe knee pain while resting, either day or night.
    Knee deformity: a bowing in or out of your knee.
    Knee stiffness: inability to bend and straighten your knee.
    Failure to obtain pain relief from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications, including aspirin and ibuprofen, often are most effective in the early stages of arthritis.These drugs may become less effective for patients with severe arthritis.
    Inability to tolerate or complications from pain medications
    Failure to substantially improve with other treatments such as injections in the joint, physiotherapy, other surgical procedures like arthroscopy.

    Most patients who undergo total knee replacement are age 60 to 80, but Dr Jayant Arora will evaluate patients individually. Recommendations for knee replacement surgery are based on a patient's pain and disability, not age. We have done Knee replacement in many patients above the age of 85 years.

    What to expect after a knee replacement surgery?

    Following total knee replacement, more than 90 of patients have no pain, or only slight pain, and their walking is no longer limited by their knee. Most patients can live a full and independent life.

    The expected outcome of a total knee replacement are, in order of priority:

    1. Pain relief
    2. Standing and walking that is not limited by the knee
    3. Improved knee motion
    4. Improved knee strength
    5. Correction of the deformed legs
    Total knee replacement is major surgery, which usually involves a 3-4 day stay in the hospital followed by rehabilitation period of 2-3 months. A team Doctors and Physiotherapists led by Dr Jayant Arora at Columbia Asia Hospital will work with you to guide your recovery, but you are the most important member of the team! We believe that an informed patient is the best ally in achieving success with total knee replacement surgery. Please read the information given below carefully. Share it with your family and friends. The information will guide you in preparing for surgery and it will give you insight into how to maximize your recovery from knee replacement surgery and enjoy many years of painless knee function.

    Can both knees be replaced together?
    Yes, both knees can be replaced together simultaneously in one sitting if the patient’s general condition is good. Alternatively one knee is replaced followed by the other after an interval of 6-8 weeks. This allows patient some time to recover between the two surgeries. The decision to do both knee surgery will be taken after Dr Jayant Arora has examined you in the clinic.

    What does a MIS knee replacement surgery involve?
    Minimally invasive Knee replacement surgery (MIS TKR) is a new method of performing Knee replacement using an incision that is half the length of the standard total knee incision.
    This technique minimizes muscle cutting thereby reducing the post operative pain, allowing earlier rehabilitation and reducing the duration of hospital stay.
    The knee components are same as those used during the traditional surgery but using special instrumentation only a 4 inch incision is sufficient to carry out the surgery. MIS Knee replacement is possible in majority of patients needing knee replacement, exceptions being large legs due to obesity and bulky muscles.


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