Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Fw: Mr. Rasheed Oyeniya, M39- Ortho case

Dear Rashmi
This patient has significant malunion of the femoral shaft fracture with an angulation of approximately 30 deg. I need to get orthognal views/CT of the femur to ascertain the plane and extent of deformity. He  will need removal of the bent implants, corrective osteotomy at the site of deformity and fixation with another plate/IM nail +/-bone grafting at the osteotomy site.
The shortening  will improve substiantially however he still may have some residual shortening of the leg needing a heel raise.
Other potential complications would be possibility of the nonunion at the osteotomy site and implant faliure.

Dr Jayant Arora
MS(Ortho), DNB(Ortho), MRCS(Edinburgh)
Fellowship in Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic Surgery, Newcastle, UK

Senior Consultant Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon
Columbia Asia Hospital




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Fw: Mr. R O, M39- Ortho case


Please get opinion from Dr Jayant Arora on this case Regards PT

i had road traffic accident 27 july 2009 where i sustaind fracture of the
left femur, had (ORIF),done on 28 july 2009 ,then ihad pulmunary embolism,
unconscius for four days.on the 5th day i fell in the hospital and the plate
bent, POP was used to stabilize the limb and the fracture healed,with
angulation on my femur and shortening of the limb(R).

Now i wont it repair. attarched is the x ray report.