Friday, 15 August 2014

We are one of the first centers in Gurgaon to offer knee replacement using Patient Specific instrumentation (PSI) or Custom made instruments.

PSI uses advanced imaging to generate one-time-use instruments specific to each patient. A computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan is taken of the patient’s leg. A three dimensional bone model of the patient's knee is created based on the CT/MRI images. Dr Arora will then plan your surgery on this 3D image regarding overall alignment, femoral and tibial bone cuts and size of the implant needed. The detailed plan is then sent to the implant manufacturing unit based in USA and an engineer uses the data to fabricates a corresponding set of disposable cutting blocks or pin guides designed to help the surgeon position and align the implant during surgery. These jigs are then shipped to us for use during surgery.

These patient-specific surgical instruments are custom made for the precise alignment of patient’s knee.There are several distinct advantages of this technology. It removes multiple steps from the traditional surgical technique and shortens surgical time as most of the planning about size and placement of implants takes place preoperatively using computer software programme. This may lead to less blood loss and a lower risk of infection.

Patients are counseled about this technique at the clinic and once they have decided to proceed with custom made implants, an MRI/CT scan of the knee(s) is arranged at a designated center in Gurgaon.
The images are sent to USA/ Belgium for fabrication of patient matched bone cutting instruments. They are received after 2-3 weeks, following which the surgery can be done.

Video below explains the process of PSI in detail.