Friday, 18 February 2011

Post your orthopedic queries


  1. my sister in law delivered a baby boy last friday(10th FEB 2012).
    childs right leg foot is bended towards left facing left leg. will it be made normal?
    how it can be made?.Will it become normal leg after treatment.

    1. Dear Mr Reddy

      I suspect thast the child has a club foot deformity, although it will be confirmed after clinical examination. If so, then treatment is usually possible by gentle manipulation of the deformed foot followed by serial plaster cast applications and in usually 3-6 months, in 85-90% of kids a good correction of deformity can be achieved. Kids with one congenital deformity like club foot should also be thoroughly examined for any additional anomalies especially in hip koints and spine.

  2. Dear sir,

    This is mohammed siddiq.I had a bike accident in july in which i had fractured my right clavicle.I underwent surgery for the same..My doctor says plate has to be removed after one year..I am little bit afraid to undergo surgery again...but I have heard that keeping the plate in place even after the fracture has healed will do more harm than good to the clavicle...(For example)plates will weaken the bone and even a small fall will lead to refracture of clavicle at its end which is very dangerous and so please clarify me on the above and advise me whether to remove it or not?


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