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Dear Mr Rahman
The attached Xrays are of poor quality and do not give me any useful information apart from the fact that there is a cemented bipolar hemiarthroplasty (half hip replacement) on the right side. I cannot make out if there is any arthritis of the left hip or if the implant on the right side has loosened.
I presume that patient's symptoms from left hip are due to arthritic changes. It is possible that the right hip dicsomfort could be due to either loosening of the implant or due to erosions of the acetabular cavity on right side.
Treatment will depend on the severity of symptoms and Xray findings. Since patient is 75 year old it do not think that it will be wise to adress both hip surgeryies together. In such a situation we should treat more symptomatic side first. Onleft side it will involve a cemented TOTAL hip replacement surgery and on right side it will involve Revision Total hip replacement(or conversion of hemiarthroplasty to a Total hip replacement). If pain on the right side is mild at present then we should only do left side first and wait till symptoms on right side worsen.
I would like to know which is the more symptomatic side and it would be also helpful if patient could send us another good quality photograph of the Xrays of both hips.

Dr Jayant Arora
MS(Ortho), DNB(Ortho), MRCS(Edinburgh)
Fellowship in Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic Surgery, Newcastle, UK

Senior Consultant Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon
Columbia Asia Hospital




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